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Dare to Transform II

Oct 01, 2021 — Aug 31, 2024

In order to comply with planetary boundaries, transformations towards sustainability at all political levels and societal areas are necessary. Transformation implies a significant change of the society and its systems. The associated processes are embedded in social, technical and economic dynamics. Hence, transformations are complex, changes of social systems are not linear and not predictable. 

Consequently, ministries and other public administration authorities face the challenge of handling this complexity and finding their role in actively shaping transformations. For this purpose, as part of the Refoplan project “Dare to Transform”, an internal departmental training program called “Transformation Workshop” was developed and conducted in 2020/21. With this training program, an attempt was made to impart everyday transformative competencies for employees of the environmental department. 

Following this program, the recent extension project focuses on especially on the scalability of the workshop. The aim is to make the program accessible to other areas of public administration. An online-supported, asynchronously usable “Transformation Workshop II” is to be developed.