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Participation and Knowledge Communication

In the area of environmental and sustainability policy, decisions are often very complex. An assessment of the effects, consequences and risks is often not possible. In addition, the ideas of how environmental policies can be arranged in practice and what measures are effective are highly controversial among the various actors.

In the formulation of guidelines, objectives and concrete measures in the field of environmental policy, the integration of different interests is therefore the main criterion for success.

The FFU is working on different projects with participatory processes in which roadmaps are developed for environmental sub-areas together with stakeholders.

It also allows the FFU direct participation in numerous projects and initiatives with innovative education and learning formats in in the environmental and sustainability policy.

Schools@University is an innovative inter- and transdisciplinary educational format at the Freie Universität of Berlin that builds bridges between academia and civil society. Fifth and sixth graders and their teachers are invited to the FUB twice a year to gain in-depth knowledge on sustainability issues and critical thinking skills empowering them to effect changes within their everyday world and in society at large. The format is based on two pillars:

  • A one-week program for 10 -13 years-olds featuring 75 interactive and participatory workshops.

  • A half-day practical teacher training to encourage application of lessons learnt in their respective schools.

We develop the workshop designs together with 100 partners from academia (students, scientists and administration staff), the state of Berlin, local businesses/companies, art and culture institutions, as well as NGOs.

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The initative SUSTAIN IT! has the comprehensive goal of discussing local and global questions  of sustainability in the fields of politics, science, economics, adminstration, technology, society and education.

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The European project “Schools at university for Climate & Energy (SAUCE)” will offer a series of one-week on-campus education programmes for pupils ages 10-13 on the core topics of energy and climate change.

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In time for the twentieth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and for the first time at the Free University of Berlin and in Germany, a thematically focused school university on climate and energy took place from 20th March to 24th March 2006. This project has continued with the current School University.

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