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Freie Universität Berlin  >>
Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) (coordination)  >>
Contact: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs, Director, Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU)
e-mail: Miranda.Schreurs@fu-berlin.de


Carleton University  >>
Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development  >>
Contact: Sandra Jones, Project Coordinator
e-mail: sandra_jones@carleton.ca

McGill University  >>
Institute for the Study of International Development  >>
Contact: Dr. Philip Oxhorn, Associate Professor and Director, Institute for the Study of International Development
email: philip.oxhorn@mcgill.ca


2008 - 2010:

Sheffield Hallam University  >>
Sheffield Business School, Charity and Third Sector Unit  >>
Contact: Christine Gilligan
e-mail: C.K.Gilligan@shu.ac.uk


University of Trento  >>
Department of Economics
Contact: Mariangela Mongera:
e-mail: mariangela.mongera@euricse.eu

The University of Winnipeg  >>
Urban and Inner-City Studies  >>
Contact: Judith Harris, Associate Professor
e-mail: j.harris@uwinnipeg.ca


All partners have a strong foundation in educational programs and research in civil society and social enterprise and are actively involved in international networks and associations in their respective disciplines.