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International Network

Many FFU research and applied projects are conducted with international research partners, including universities, think tanks, governments, and corporations. International research projects range from short, highly focused projects to multi-year, inter-disciplinary, and multi-national initiatives. The international research activities and exchanges enrich not only the working environment of our staff but also our students.

German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue

The German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue brings together decision-makers, scholars and future environmental leaders from Germany and India. They address climate protection and environmental governance and discuss the challenges and chances for bilateral environmental cooperation between both countries. Together they seek to build a platform for exchange, linking knowledge and developing approaches to cross-national lesson-drawing as well as bilateral cooperation at the interface of politics, business and academia.

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The Indian-European Multi-level Climate Governance Research Network (IECGN) is a joint effort of leading Indian and European academic institutions in the research of climate policy.

Research focuses on the challenges and opportunities in strengthening response to climate change on multiple levels of governance in India and the EU. IECGN wishes to provide for a better understanding of climate action emerging from the bottom-up at lower levels of governance such as federal states, cities and municipalities, and the interplay and consistency with climate policy frameworks coming from the national and supranational level.

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The „Transatlantic Urban Climate Dialogue“ aims to strengthen the transfer and application  of sustainable energy policies between Germany and North America. This project builds on the work started over a decade ago among communities in Northern Virginia, Ontario, Canada and Germany (Stuttgart, the Ruhr Valley and Hamburg) to make meaningful improvements in energy efficiency, applications of renewable energies, “green” design and transportation.

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Study-Tour: German-Russian energy discussion

Cooperation within the framework of the German-Russian Science Year for Russian multiplicators from Moscow, Krasnodar and Murmansk in Berlin.
A 7-day study tour for Russian experts took place in Berlin in spring 2012. It aimed to support the German-Russian knowledge and experience transfer in the fields of environmental politics and energy efficiency, as well as the incitement of a sustainable discussion about the potentials of renewable energy sources in Germany and Russia.

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