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Alumna Eva Maria Velickovic honored with the Peacekeeper of the Year Award

News from Jun 13, 2016

Last week Eva Maria Velickovic was honored with the Peacekeeper of the Year award by Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeiner. The whole report is accessable here. Eva Maria Velickovic graduated in political science at the Otto-Suhr Institute for Political Science (OSI) in 2004 (1st supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse; 2nd supervisor: Dr. Ingo Peters). Her thesis "The institutional change of the OSCE after the end of the East-West conflict. Forms and change of security institutions in international politics was published in the ATASP series Forschungsberichte Internationale Politik (Münster u.a.: Lit 2009). We congratulate her and are pleased, that an "OSIanerin" proofed once more that the academic education at a German university can lead to a valuable contribution in pratical politics!

Eva Maria Velickovic here second from right

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