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(German) How Hamas is violating international law

References to Hamas's responsibility under humanitarian and international law may seem idle, but they should not be missing from the debate on the Israel-Hamas war, writes political scientist Elvira Rosert in her guest commentary.

Nov 06, 2023

Israel’s “9/11” and Its Consequences

The brutal Hamas attacks on Israel constitute a traumatic event for the country and its citizens – just when the Jewish state was going through the most dramatic constitutional crisis in its history. What are possible scenarios for Israel’s response to its “9/11” and what are consequences for Israeli politics?

Oct 25, 2023

New article by James D. Bindenagel and Thomas Risse on the German national security strategy

James D. Bindenagel and Thomas Risse discuss the German National Strategy which was published this June and discuss it in the context of the "Zeitenwende" in German foreign policy since the beginning of the Ukraine war. 

Aug 10, 2023

New publication by Tobias Berger: „Human Rights beyond the Liberal Script: a Morphological Approach”

The article “Human Rights beyond the Liberal Script: a Morphological Approach” by Tobias Berger has been published in International Studies Quarterly.

Jun 22, 2023

Student assistant job vacancy

ATASP is looking for a new student assistant to support the department from October 2023. The application period runs up to and including 26.06.2023.

Jun 09, 2023

(in german) SCRIPTS Diskussion | Zur Bedeutung der US Midterms: Rettung der liberalen Ordnung?

Ein Gesprächsabend am 06.12. 2022 mit der Historikerin Jessica Gienow-Hecht (SCRIPTS), dem Politikwissenschaftler Thomas Risse (SCRIPTS) und den US-Politik-Experten Johannes Thimm (SWP) und Dominik Tolksdorf (DGAP) im silent green Berlin. Moderation: Sarah Bressan (GPPI).

Dec 12, 2022

2022 Ambassador William C. Battle Symposium with Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

This year's symposium will focus on the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Experts from around the world will discuss the current state of affairs and the implications for the global community.

Nov 15, 2022

Putin's Wars and the Global Order – Panel discussion

A panel discussion presented by the University of Wyoming in collaboration with Freie Universität Berlin. 

Oct 20, 2022

Centennial Speaker Series 2022: Putin's Wars and the International Order

Professors Tanja Börzel and Thomas Risse present on Putin and his war against Ukraine, NATO, democratization, and the future of the global order. University of Wyoming Center for Global Studies Recording of the panel can be found online under the Youtube link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDhbsG-Takc

Sep 19, 2022

Forum: New Perspectives on Transnational Non-State Actors—A Forum Honoring the Work of Thomas Risse

A forum in the ISR takes a fresh look at some of Thomas Risse's contributions and explores the importance of transnational actors nowadays in view of Risse's work.

Jul 27, 2022

"IR Theory and the Core–Periphery Structure of Global IR: Lessons from Citation Analysis"

Journal Article, written by Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse, Dr. Wiebke Wemheuer-Vogelaar and Dr. Frank Havemann, published in the International Studies Review. 

Jul 23, 2022

"Why Ukraine must get EU can­di­date status now – Lessons from Enlarge­ment Research"

A commentary by Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel and Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse.

Jun 09, 2022

Turning point? An article by Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse on Putins invasion

German foreign and security policy has been stirred up by Putin's war. In a dossier, the magazine for international politics collects contributions from various experts who try to classify the conflict and its significance for Germany and the West. In his article, Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse draws parallels to 9/11 and the day the Berlin Wall came down and explains why this war could have a similar significance in history. For him, it is clear that Germany needs a change in foreign policy.

Apr 08, 2022

The Russian invasion as a contestation of the liberal script? - A comment by Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, SCRIPT members and guest authors have been sharing their perspectives on the conflict in the series ' The Russian invasion as a contestation of the liberal script? '. In his latest contribution, Thomas Risse outlines what Putin's war means for the liberal international order, arguing that it has already proven more resilient than many critics had previously assumed. To those who see a return to 19th-century spheres of influence and great power politics, he counters that the defense of human rights and democracy is not a "nice to have" addition to Western foreign policy, but a hard-nosed security policy in the geopolitical and geo-economic sense.

Feb 09, 2022

Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse participated in a public hearing of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament

The public hearing took place on 26 January 2022 regarding the „European public sphere: the role of European political parties and the challenges of social platforms”.

Jan 27, 2022