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EU-Commission supports FUB with five million euros to conduct research on the EU´s foreign policy

News from Jan 18, 2018

The European Commission has provided funding of five million euros to the FU Berlin in order to conduct research on „Europe’s External Action and the Dual Challenges of Limited Statehood and Contested Orders”.  EU-LISTCO research will be funded as part of the EU/ Horizon 2020 project. Since March 2018  internationally renowned academic institutions and think-tanks  provide in-depth analysis on security challenges and contested orders in the EU´s  eastern and southern regional neighbourhood. It is being asked to what extend the EU and its member states can foster societal and political forces that are capable of dealing with security challenges and threats in areas of limited statehood. As for EU-LISTCO the FU Berlin collaborates with 14 (academic) institutions across 12 countries .

You can find additional information here.

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