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Studying & Teaching

Advice on communication:

For efficient communication, please consider the following points:

Subject line: meaningful wording should be chosen that captures the purpose of the communication and the degree of urgency (including Seminar XY, oral or written exam, study guidance, term paper discussion).

Attachment: the electronically attached files are sent in the format "Last name_ Purpose of paper_Date". Each document sent should have a cover sheet or header with name and email address; please send documents in *.docx or *.pdf format only. Please send large files (e.g. podcasts) via WeTransfer.

Timing: in order to ensure that papers are processed in a meaningful way, documents must be submitted at least two days before the agreed consultation date.

Answer: Normally, I try to answer requests as soon as possible. Should it take longer than three days, you are welcome to friendly ask for a reply.

Consultation hour: serves to clarify systematic, content-related questions about the DF degree programmes and about presentations, term papers, BA and MA theses or doctoral dissertations. If you 'only' need a signature or have a brief, formal question (e.g. deadlines for submission), write an email. The following always applies: first consult the information on the FB and OSI pages, my homepage, your course on blackboard and/or the FAQs on the DF degree programmes.

Due to circumstances, there are currently no personal office hours. However, both Prof. Hartlapp and Prof. Blome offer online consultation hours. For more detailed information, please consult the personal pages of the lecturers.

Appointments: in principle, appointments for consultation hours are made via the posted list in front of my office in Ihnestr. 22/120, for digital consultation hours under pandemic conditions via my secretary's office (ines.stavrinakis@fu-berlin.de).

Franco-German Degrees

If you have any questions about the Franco-German double degrees, please consult the homepage of the degree programmes as well as the study and examination regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen) of your degree programme before contacting us.

Download area of the German-French degree programmes

Many questions, for example about enrolment and re-registration, can already be answered in the extensive FAQs for the various Franco-German degrees.

Courses in the current semester:

Here you will find an overview of the courses offered at our department this semester.

PhD supervision: 

If you are interested in writing a doctoral dissertation at the Research Center for Comparative Politics and Policy of Germany and France, please read the „Information for potential PhD supervises“ before reaching out.

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