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Public Policy, Business and International Change in the Context of Climate Change: A Comparative Perspective on Climate Change Governance in South Africa, Kenya and Germany (2010-2012)

  • National Research Foundation South Africa (NRF)
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Why do business organisations contribute to climate change governance in areas of limited statehood? In many countries, governments are too weak and often also not willing to set and enforce climate change regulations. While companies have the capacities to fill the resulting governance gap, conventional wisdom expects them to take advantage by relocating their production sites in order to escape strict national regulation. Studies on South Africa, Kenya and Germany demonstrate that business contributions to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change vary significantly between countries, sectors and firms. In order to explain these variations, the contributors bring together two important literatures that rarely speak to each other – governance and business management - arguing that the threat of public regulation has an important role in motivating business efforts