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JMCE Academic Director in the Media

During the last months, JMCE Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel was, again, asked to give her opinion on recent EU topics by TV and Newspapers.

News from Apr 01, 2011

February 2011

Prof. Dr. Börzel takes part in Global Times Forum on the Financial Crisis' Consequences for EU Integration

Will the financial crisis push the EU closer together, or drive it apart? This question was put in front of three experts in the fields of finance and EU Integration: Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel (JMCE), Iain Begg (LSE) and Graham Bishop (independent financial analyst). The interview was published in the China English Newspaper "Global Times".

For the whole article, please, click here.


Interview with tv.berlin on the EU's Future under the Lisbon Treaty

Just over a year ago the Treaty of Lisbon entered into force. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel was asked to take stock of its  successes and failures.

Watch the entire interview on tvb.de. (in German)


November 2010

Interview with German TV-station ZDF on Turkey's chances for full EU-membership

On the occasion of Turkey's qualification match for the UEFA European Football Championship against Germany,  JMCE Director Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel was asked about the country's chances of joining the European Union in the near future. In answering three questions Tanja Börzel approaches this difficult topic and concludes that it will take more than a decade for Turkey to join the EU. However, this is at least as much the fault of Turkey as of the European Union itself.

Watch the entire interview on zdf.de.

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