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Dr. Iman Ashmawy

Dr. Iman Ashmawy is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science- Cairo University. Having conducted her PhD Thesis at the University of Bremen- Germany on the topic of "The Effect of Education Decentralization on School leadership in the Vocational Schools, A Comparative Study between the German and Egyptian Experience", her main research interests are comparative local governments, human resources management, organizational management, and ethics in public administration. She contends that development can only be achieved if the human resources were well managed. This would require a clear legal framework, well planned strategies, and a supporting ethical organizational culture. Hence, she has been recently conducting research on the following topics reflected in her latest publications: Ashmawy, Iman K. (2015), "Talent management at universities: The point of view of training and development program providers", FCBD 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business Research: Interfaces, Integration, and Breakthrough extensions, 23 – 25 May 2015, Cairo- Egypt., and Ashmawy, Iman Karam I.M. (2015), "The German Civil Service System", Current Issues in Decentralization and Local Government, Cairo, Decentralization Policy Support Unit (Original in Arabic). Amongst her relevant publications are also: Gessler, Michael& Iman K Ashmawy (2014). "The effect of political decentralization on school leadership in German vocational schools". In: Educational Management Administration& Leadership., and Ashmawy, Iman Karam I.M. (2012). "The Effect of Education Decentralization on School Leadership in Vocational Schools: The Prerequisites in Egyptian according to the German Experience". In: ECER conference 17th – 21st September, Cadiz- Spain, 21st September.

In addition, she participated in joint research projects on the environmental portfolios of seven Egyptian governorates and on the role of the intermediary NGOs in Egypt. Currently, she is co- supervising various doctoral students on topics related to disaster management, performance budgeting, intellectual capital, and organizational innovation.

Finally, and within the framework of the cooperation project "Challenges and Transformations in the Wake of the Arab Spring", Dr. Iman Ashmawy was pleased to participate in the staff exchange program on the topic of curriculum development at the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) that was funded by the DAAD. During her stay, she was able to exchange various ideas and experiences with the colleagues there.