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Prof. Amal Suleiman El-Obeidi

Dr. Amal El-Obeidi is Associate Professor of Comparative Politics in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Economics, University of Benghazi, Libya. She served as Dean of Faculty of Economics at the University of Benghazi in 1999-2001 and as head of Department of Political Science in 2006-2008. She also aws head of the Studies and Research unit at the Research Centre of the University of Benghazi during 2006-2008. She was the head of the quality office at the faculty of Economics from September 2009 until December 2010. In her research she mainly focuses on security topics, especially in the Mediterranean; gender issues; and public policies. Her publications include “Political Culture in Libya” (Richmond, Curzon, 2001); “Security Policies in Libya” (Geneva Center for Security Studies 2004); “Women's Movement in Libya” ESCWA-UN, 2005; “The Political Elites in Libya since 1969” (in: Vanderwalle, D. (ed.): Libya since 1969. Qadhafi’s Revolution Revisited, London 2008); “The Orientations of the Academic Research of Women at the Libyan Universities: Analysis of the MA Thesis (2010), The National Security in Libya: Challenges of the Transitional Period (2012). “The Impact of the Revolution and the Transitional Period on Women’s Empowerment Policies in Libya” (Beirut 2013); “From Forced Reconciliation to Recognition: The Abu Salim Case in Historical Perspective” (Leiden 2013); and The Identity in Libya: Orientations of Loyalty and Identification: Results of the World Values Survey, Benghazi University Research Center (2014).