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Dr. Ghazi Samawi

Dr. Ghazi Samawi is the Vice Dean of the School of Management and Logistics Science at German Jordanian University in Amman. His research focuses on change management and organisational development, quality management and organisational excellence as well as on corporate social responsibility. Recent publications are articles with Mamoun N. Akroush, Amjad A. Abu-ElSamen and Abdelhadi L. Odetallah on “Internal marketing and service quality in restaurants” (in: Marketing Intelligence & Planning 31/4: 304-336, 2013) and with Magableh, I.K. and Arabiyat, T.S. on “Do WTO and TRIPs Agreements Attract FDI: The Case of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Jordan” (in: Middle Eastern Finance and Economics 15: 92-100, 2012).