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Nationalism revisited: Discoursive and symbolic constructions of gendered identities in Israel and Palestine (GEND)

(HS 15320)

TypeAdvanced Seminar
InstructorCorinna Gayer
RoomIhnestr. 21, 21/F

Montag, 18-20 Uhr

The gendered dimensions of nationalism and its interconnectivity with the identity formation of groups exposed to intractable conflicts are widely disregarded within mainstream/malestream academia. This course aims to shed light on the mutual relationship between nationalism and gendered identities based on the diverse theoretical work of feminist scholars from multiple disciplines. The main part of the course will then be devoted to the analysis of this relationship in the Israeli and the Palestinian context. The course participants should already have a basic knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict history. Alternatively, students can contact me in advance and prepare themselves by reading a couple of texts on Israel and Palestine before the seminar begins.