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New Publication: Parliamentary Control and the European Union

Parlamentarische Kontrolle und Europäische Union

Parlamentarische Kontrolle und Europäische Union

The exercise of control is one of the most important functions of parliaments. However, in recent years their influence has been minimized by the effects of increased European integration. Ater the Treaty of Lisbon, this book looks at differing concepts of control of parliaments within the European multi-level governance system. It asks the question in how far the claimed loss of power of parliaments is rather a change of its function. The collected essays show that we are rather facing an adaption of the legislative than its demise.

News from Dec 09, 2013

New Publication about Parliamentary Control after Lisbon

Parliamentary Control and the European Union ("Parlamentarische Kontrolle und Europäische Union")
Edited by Dr. Birgit Eberbach-Born, Prof. Dr. Sabine Kropp, Dr. Andrej Stuchlik and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zeh
2013, 448 pages, 63,– €, ISBN 978-3-8487-0361-6
Studies about Parliamentarism (Studien zum Parlamentarismus), Bd. 19
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Contributions by:

Gabriele Abels, Birgit Eberbach-Born, Markus Broich, Jonas Buche, Aron Buzogány, Annegret Eppler, Sven Hölscheidt, Sabine Kropp, Werner J. Patzelt, Werner Reutter, Daniel Rölle, Kristin Rohleder, Danny Schindler, Alexandra M. Schmid, Ulrich Schöler, Fabian Schulz, Sven T. Siefken, Andrej Stuchlik, Wolfgang Zeh


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