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Supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses

The team of the Center supervises bachelor‘s and master’s theses. The prerequisite is that candidates have completed an examination in at least one of the courses offered by the Center (e.g., a term paper), that the planned thesis is suitable in terms of subject and topic, and that the supervision does not overburden our capacities.

Please discuss the topic of your thesis with the lecturer already during the course. Furthermore, we ask you for an outline of max. 2 pages, including the research question, methodology, a first structure (please make sure that the subheadings allow to conclude on the planned content, e.g. "Argumentative Discourse Analysis: Knowledge and Power", rather than „Theoretical Approach") and 2-3 central references. Feel free to send us your outline by email (as attachment). Based on your outline, we will decide whether we can supervise your thesis.

If you write your thesis at the Center, you are obliged to participate in the colloquium in the winter semester and to present it there.