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Keynote on the decolonization of and by academia at VDW Action Day

23-10-26_VDW Aktionstag

23-10-26_VDW Aktionstag

Dr. Albert Denk at the Action Day of the Association of German Scientists on 26.10.2023

News from Nov 08, 2023

Responsibility of academia - this was the central theme of the 12th Action Day on Enlightenment 2.0 at the Witzenhausen campus of the University of Kassel. Together with actors from academia and civil society, the overcoming of neo-colonial structures was examined from different perspectives.

In his keynote speech, he spoke about how today's world is still characterized by structures of exploitation, such as the externalization of negative consequences and the problem of brain drain. Denk used the VDW's four guiding principles to explain how academia can also apply decoloniality in order to break through the existing structures of exploitation. Scientists should strive to free themselves from practical constraints and constraints of thought. It is important to recognize diversity in academia and to live transdisciplinarity. Decoloniality also means taking a stand, recognizing and reducing power asymmetries, actively counteracting disadvantages and thus also taking a stand as a political actor. Finally, it is important to use one's own privileges and develop practices of solidarity.

Report of the event (in German)

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