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Agriculture and food transition



Keynote by Prof. Partzsch at conference "Transforming Local Agri-Food Systems - Understanding the Role of Values" in Hohenheim

News from Dec 13, 2023

The research project "Oeko-Valutation" at the University of Hohenheim Stuttgart invited Prof. Lena Partzsch to give a keynote speech at its final conference on November 28 and 29. Using the example of city networks such as Fair Trade Towns International (FTT) and the Organic Cities Network, Prof. Partzsch's presentation addressed the importance of values in exercising power "from below" in agricultural and food governance.

City networks portray their members as "ethical places" that exercise power with others and not over others. While the FTT campaign aims to address the problems of international trade but without abandoning it, organic cities advocate for a new "localism" based on regional food supply. In both cases, city networks are using their purchasing power to increase the proportion of certified products. In this way, the city networks reproduce the privileged position of consumers who benefit from the global market order. However, the networks also encourage citizens to reflect on the challenges of the agri-food systems and thus enable the development of alternatives towards greater sustainability.

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