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Viel Hilfsbereitschaft, viel Protest

Polarisierung und Zusammenhalt liegen in der Pandemie nah beieinander Blogbeitrag von Gesine Höltmann und Swen Hutter

Jun 17, 2021

Out now: Die Zivilgesellschaft in der Krise

Einblicke aus einer Organisationsbefragung zu den Herausforderungen der COVID-19 Pandemie

Jun 17, 2021

Out now: Fridays for Future in der Coronakrise

Welche Mobilisierungskraft haben Online-Proteste?

Jun 17, 2021

Out Now: Civic and Political Engagement during the Multifaceted COVID‐19 Crisis

Endre Borbáth Sophia Hunger Swen Hutter Ioana‐Elena Oana

May 11, 2021

Out now: Politicising immigration in times of crisis

Swen Hutter and Hanspeter Kriesi

Feb 10, 2021

Out now: Cleavage Politics and European Integration

Swen Hutter, Ines Schäfer

Jan 19, 2021

Out now: Dynamics of protest and electoral politics in the Great Recession

Björn Bremer, Swen Hutter, Hanspeter Kriesi

Oct 07, 2020

Out now: Electoral Punishment and Protest Politics in Times of Crisis

Björn Bremer, Swen Hutter, Hanspeter Kriesi

Sep 18, 2020

New Project: The Potentials of Civil Society: Solidarity and Crisis Management

funded by the Berlin University Alliance

Jun 25, 2020

Job Opening: 2 Student Assistant Positions

Center for Civil Society Research | Application Deadline 3 July 2020

Jun 12, 2020

The Political Consequences of Crisis: Lessons learned from the Great Recession

Blog post by Swen Hutter, Endre Borbáth, Sophia Hunger

May 11, 2020

Out now: Protesting Parties in Europe: A comparative analysis

Endre Borbáth, Swen Hutter

May 11, 2020