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KFG Working Paper No. 60 published

News from May 07, 2014

The KFG Working Paper No. 60 "Coordination of Social Security Schemes. The Case of SADC" by Ockert Dupper has been published.

This paper explores whether and to what extent the (legal) rules of coordination that originated and developed in the EU can be transposed to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) – a region characterized by high levels of migration, weakly developed social security systems and the absence of suitable portability arrangements. The principle of coordination of social security is primarily aimed at eliminating restrictions that national social security schemes place upon the rights of migrant workers to such social security. The best practice around the world to ensure portability of social security entitlements consists of multilateral and bilateral social security agreements. These agreements originated and developed in the EU, and EU coordination arrangements arguably still represent the most sophisticated and developed system of its kind. This paper argues that any future attempts at coordinating social security schemes in SADC should start with employment injury schemes.

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