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Workshop: Multi-level policy entrepreneurship

News vom 25.02.2016

Multi-level policy entrepreneurship - German and Norwegian perspectives

What is the heritage of the European Union’s 2020 policy for expanding the share of renewables in the energy mix? This workshop deals with the potential for policy-entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to seize or engineer new opportunities based on this legacy. The EU is currently discussing policies and instruments for 2030, including for renewable energy. The EU’s renewables target for 2030 (27%) will not be broken down into national targets, in contrast to the framework for 2020. The EU Commission is currently working on a governance structure for ensuring that the renewables target is achieved, including reporting requirements. This workshop will focus on the impact of the EU’s 2020 renewables policy, discussing whether and how national support schemes created the seeds for further change beyond attaining the 2020 renewables target. Once in place, policies can create legacies, facilitating changes beyond the intended objective.

Bringing together selected German and Norwegian practitioners and scientists, we will discuss the dynamics of climate and energy politics in Germany and Norway. The workshop will take place on March 3, at the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin.

Here you can find the final programme for the event.

To register, please contact Barbara Burkel: burkel@zedat.fu-berlin.de