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Climate and Energy Policy in India, the European Union and Germany

Sustainable development and climate protection rank highly on the political agendas in both the EU and India. As an emerging world power, India is becoming an important partner in critical areas such as climate protection, renewable energy and the increase of energy efficiency. Currently, we are witnessing rapidly growing markets for environmental technologies and increased bilateral cooperation. India's fast-emerging economy, the EU and Germany's pioneering environmental economy, offer different but at the same time mutually complementary perspectives.
The purpose of this seminar is to study and compare policy approaches and the potentials and constraints of political decision-making, implementation and management. Our main field of interest will be the cross-sectional problem of climate change and the policy areas related to it inter alia energy policy, transportation and industrial policy. We will compare the dynamics of multi-level governance in the European Union, India and Germany in respect to these policy issues and draw conclusions on the assets and drawbacks of their governance structures for effective problem-solving. Together with guest students from Teri University in India we will discuss potentials for cross-national lesson-drawing as well as bilateral cooperation. If they wish so, participants of the course (FU students) can apply for the "FFU/TERI Climate Change Dialogue - Graduate Students Exchange Program" for a three months stay in New Delhi to be performed in autumn/winter 2012.


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14-16 Uhr