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Berlin Sustainability Talk with Prof. Johann Köppel

25.09.2013 | 16:00 s.t - 18:00
We're happy to invite you to the first edition of the Berlin Sustainability Talk in the second half of 2013. On September 25th, 16-18h, Prof Johann Köppel (TU Berlin) will speak on “Germany´s “Energiewende”: Caught in Environmental Policy Coherence Deficits? The wind case”. The event will be held at the conference room (room 3.1c) of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Ihnestraße 22, 14195 Berlin. You can find Prof. Köppel’s website here .


Just around the election of the Federal Government, the German “Energiewende” still seems partially stalled between its global and national goods and its regional and local implementation challenges. In his presentation, Johann Köppel (Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group, TU Berlin) will specialize on wind energy´s multiple entanglements to getting realized its siting and development goals, thus highlighting the hypothesis that we are facing an ever more obvious environmental policies coherence deficit (likewise climate vs. biodiversity protection). He will also address our capabilities to better manage the environmental paradigm of the precautionary principle on the one hand and more adaptive approaches to overcome unintended conflicts between environmental policies. Johann Köppel will draw not only on own research but also lessons learned from a federal-state working group to overcome the addressed hurdles; he also serves as the German representative with a respective working group (task) of the International Energy Agency.


The Berlin Sustainability Talk is a monthly brown bag seminar at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (ffu). It provides a forum for discussion and exchange about ongoing research projects and recent trends in environmental policy research with scholars of other institutes, business representatives, politics, and public administrations as well as the interested public. A registration for the event is not required.

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25.09.2013 | 16:00 s.t - 18:00

Conference Room (3.1c) of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), third floor, Ihnestraße 22, 14195 Berlin