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Ökologische Modernisierung - die unvollendete Industrielle Revolution; Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke (FU-Berlin)

06.06.2018 | 16:15 - 17:45

The term of Ecological Modernisation (EM) has many synonyms today (from „GreenTech“ to Green Growth, Green Development, Greening of Industry).

The presentation will describe EM as global Green Industrial Revolution with a high speed and global scale of technical change. The main argument is the contradiction between often unexpected revolutionary change and similarly underestimated weaknesses. A systematic evaluation shows, that EM is a paradise of feasibility (not least due to broad co-benefits). Its environmental effectiveness and environmental efficiency show clear achievements as well as clear failure. Success is selective and additive (green segments of EM coexisting with brown). Ther necessary eco-restructuring is the main challenge. The distributional equity is generally low. Will the high feasibility of EM finally have spill-over effects on problems with low feasibility such as coal mining?

Zeit & Ort

06.06.2018 | 16:15 - 17:45

Freie Universität Berlin
Forschungszentrum für Umweltpolitik
Raum 3.1c
Ihnestr. 22
14195 Berlin