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CfP – 12th Pan European Conference on International Relations

News vom 11.01.2018

Call for Papers:

Please submit papers and/or panels and roundtables to this section organized by Elisabeth Prügl (Graduate Institute, Geneva) and Gülay Caglar (Freie Universität Berlin). Please submit before 1st of February 2018. Proposals at: www.eisapec18.org

S20: ‘Governing Gender in an Age of Neoliberalism and Chauvinism’


Gender equality has become a decisive part of international and national agendas at a time when neoliberal modes of government are widely institutionalized and new chauvinisms are thriving. In parallel, scholars have diagnosed a cooptation of feminism in efforts of gender mainstreaming, and they have observed the conversion of feminist knowledge into de-politicized technical expertise. Research also has shown that the translation of gender equality norms into various situated contexts has entailed faithless adaptations, distortions, and in some instances undermined the intent of the norm. While there is thus a certain level of despair about contemporary gender politics, there also is evidence of new forms of feminist activism and of new openings. Feminist ideas drive resistance against the chauvinist republican administration in the US, feminist activists in Bosnia speak out against post-conflict neoliberal economic policies, and women in Cambodia are spearheading the fight against land grabs. At the same time, mainstream political elites are embracing feminist ideas—left governments have adopted feminist foreign policies, corporations are focussing on gender equality in their CSR activities, and Ivanka Trump has joined the head of the World Bank to establish a women’s empowerment fund. This section addresses the multiple effects of the insertion of gender equality into governmental purposes and governmentality. We encourage proposal from different issue areas, intersectional approaches, and queer and/or de-colonial perspectives.

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