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Letztes Update: September 2019

Sarah Hinz

Human Rights in Ethiopia

Anny Boc

China as a “normative power”

Sonja Schiffers

Russia and Turkey as soft powers

Salome Minesashvili

European vs national identity – The Cases of Georgia and Ukraine

Shani Bar-Tuvia

Legitimacy, Identity and Policy Diffusion: The Diffusion of Restrictive Refugee Policies among Western States

Celine Hübner

State predation and violence – (armed) non-state actors as statebuilders in fragile political systems

Michael Giesen

Intra-Organisational Logics of Regional Organisations and their Interactive Effects on Human Rights Policies

Dorian Alt

Economic Nationalism in Europe

Ahyan Sari

How Conflicts Change Identities: The Case of Syrian Civil War