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BA-PS-The Politics of Economic Growth (GEND)


Dozent/inVincent Dreher
InstitutionSchwerpunkt Internationale Politische Ökonomie
SemesterWiSe 2016/17
Veranstaltungsumfang2 SWS
RaumIhnestr. 22 UG2
Beginn18.10.2016 | 16:00

Di, 16:00-18:00 Uhr

Half a century of efforts by governments, international organizations, NGOs, aid agencies and private actors notwithstanding, the world remains divided into low-, medium-, and high-income countries. Why? Why and how is it that economic processes and outcomes persistently differ so widely across the world, despite all struggles to change the status quo? These puzzles and questions motivate the seminar.

The first part of the course addresses conceptual concerns. We will discuss indicators of measuring economic development, consider recent modifications, and contemplate Amartya Sen’s seminal critique (1999). Furthermore, we will engage with feminist assessments of economic growth, apprehend gender studies and postcolonial approaches to development as well as interpret Ziai’s call to abandon the concept of ‘development’ altogether (2013).

The second part takes an in-depth look at standard theories of economic growth: the Harrod-Domar model, the Solow model, and the more recent endogenous growth theory. The discussion of development economics will be enriched by adopting gender critiques of economic modelling.

In the third part we will analyze theory and practice of development politics over the past decades, contrasting the international development agenda and empirical shortcomings with theoretical responses: such as dependency theory, domestic institution-approaches, criticisms of economic advice provided by high-income countries, and arguments stressing the detrimental effects of development aid and aid agency activities.

Finally, a closer look at the few successful ‘catch-up’ economies in Eastern Asian will reveal a political-economic approach quite distinct from recommendations of international institutions and donors.

The course provides an introduction into economic theories of growth, mixed disciplinary perspectives on the concepts of economic growth and development, and an overview of the ambiguous outcomes of development politics. The course is open to all interested, but targeted at advanced BA students.

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