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Students looking for a MA thesis topic may want to consider the following topics that link to ongoing research at the Institute of Sociology:

  • Envy in cross-cultural comparison 
  • Forgiveness and social structure
  • Knowledge and “not wanting to know”
  • Emotional cues in popular music and economic hardship
  • Systematic literature review: Sociological concepts of situations and encounters
  • Sociological understandings of publics and counterpublics
  • Shame, precariousness and social inequality (Scham, Prekariat und soziale Ungleichheit)
  • Statistische Modellierung der institutionellen Prädiktoren des Studienerfolgs am Fachbereich Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften der FU Berlin“ (Betreuung gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Dieter Ohr)

Students seeking a thesis supervisor should send their thesis proposal to christian.von.scheve@fu-berlin.de so that I can determine if I am the right fit thematically. The proposal (max. one page) should summarize your ideas so far and broadly outline topic and relevance, the specific research question you wish to address and the intended methodological approach.