Transatlantic Tug-of-War. Prospects for US-European Cooperation. Festschrift in Honor of Helga Haftendorn

Peters, Ingo— 2006

Within transatlantic relations the declaratory consensus prevails that in order to successfully cope with the manifold new international and global challenges, be it climate change, international terrorism, environmental degradation or otherwise, undoubtedly requires – if not as a sufficient, at least as a necessary prerequisite – constructive engagement and effective cooperation between transatlantic partners. However, on the level of actual policy-making, the numerous societal, economic and political challenges springing form political transformation on regional as well as global scale have indeed resulted in different and often conflicting agendas and policies on both sides of the Atlantic. How can this contradiction of words and deeds be explained? And what are the chances for narrowing the policy gap? The horrifying events of September 11th have highlighted the urgent need for close cooperation as well as the divergent views and strategies concerning the root-causes of transnational terrorism and other topical new sources of insecurity. The significance of this event for the prospects as well as the limits of transatlantic cooperation, which are asserted very differently in various publications, will be the major point of reference for this volume's attempt to evaluate the future of transatlantic partnership. With contributions by Ingo Peters, Christian Tuschhoff, Otto Keck, Thomas Risse, Reinhard Wolf, Gunther Hellmann, Michael Staack, Joachim Krause, and Hanns-Dieter Jacobsen.

TitleTransatlantic Tug-of-War. Prospects for US-European Cooperation. Festschrift in Honor of Helga Haftendorn
AuthorPeters, Ingo
PublisherLit-Verlag (
LocationMünster et al.
IdentifierISBN: 3-8258-9890-3, 376 Seiten, 39.90 EUR, br.,
Appeared InForschungsberichte internationale Politik, Bd. 35