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Humboldt Research Award goes to Professor Robert Desjarlais

News from Jun 13, 2022

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung) awards the Humboldt Research Award to Professor Robert Desjarlais (Sarah Lawrence College, New York, USA) after successful nomination by Professor Anita von Poser (FU Berlin).


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation honors internationally leading scientific personalities with the Humboldt Research Award. It is one of the most important scientific awards in Germany. For his scientific achievements in Psychological Anthropology, Phenomenological Anthropology and Critical Medical Anthropology, the renowned US-American social and cultural anthropologist Professor Robert Desjarlais (Sarah Lawrence College, New York, USA) has been awarded one of the most prestigious Humboldt Research Awards endowed with 60,000€.

Professor Robert Desjarlais is well known internationally for his scholarship on homelessness in the United States, and on life, death, and healing in Nepal. He has also made important contributions to the study of photography and images, and political violence and colonialism in France.


Robert Desjarlais will be in Germany from February to July 2023 and from February to July 2024, following the invitation by social and cultural anthropologist Anita von Poser, whose research focus includes psychological and phenomenological anthropology. Together with other scholars from Berlin, Halle, Dresden and Cologne, he will engage in collaborative anthropological research on themes of death and dying while continuing with his research on histories of life and death in colonial France and Algeria.




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