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Mobility Regimes of Pandemic Preparedness and Response: The Case of Covid-19 (MoRePPaR)

This project explores, from a decolonial perspective, the impact of COVID-19-related mobility regimes on people's lives and their affective embodiments beyond acute pandemic situations in South Africa, Germany, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Korea.

PrEPped Intimacies in Berlin

The project ‘PrEPped Intimacies in Berlin’ explores the multiple sociocultural effects associated with the implementation of PrEP. It inquires into the social and political transformations brought about by PrEP and its impact on gay sexuality and the queer community in Berlin. Thereby, the project aims to provide practical insights into HIV prevention and conceptualizes intimate entanglements of biomedical technologies with configurations of gender and sexuality.

Sex/Work, Migration and Eastern Europe in Berlin

This ethnographic research project analyses how negotiations of embodied (Eastern) European (non)belongings affect the everyday (work) lives of people from Eastern Europe who are engaged in sex work in Berlin.

African Medical Migration

This project is going to build upon the current state of research on the migration of African medical doctors by paying close attention to the research areas of: 1) skilled migration, 2) biomedicine in and from Africa and 3) transnational networks. It will explore from an emic perspective the migration experiences of Nigerian medical doctors in the USA.

Transnational Health Care

This ethnographic project examines expectations and experiences of highly-skilled migrants from Germany, India and Japan with US health care and health insurance, focusing on transnational health care seeking strategies on navigating biomedical differences and difficulties while integrating into the US medical system.

People with Albinism in Tanzania

The present ethnographic research intends to analyze life situations, everyday experiences, and subjectivity of people with albinism in Tanzania.

Learning the Ways of the Heart in Berlin

Sufism is known as a way of the heart (German: Weg des Herzens) among other names that it can be given. What is Sufism? How is Sufism practiced and experienced in a post-secular cityscape? Guided by these questions I conducted fieldwork with three Sufi networks in Berlin and connected sites in between 2013 and 2015.

Male Sexual Dysfunction in Tanzania

My ethnographic project aims at understanding the perceptions and practices of young men experiencing sexual performance concerns, particularly dysfunctions, in urban Tanzania.

Surrogacy in transnational perspective

This project investigates transnational surrogacy with a particular focus on the experiences of intended parents.

Berlin Southern Theory Lecture