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The Students’ Association at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Fachschaftsinitiative)

The Students’ Association of Social and Cultural Anthropology is an open group of students who seek to shape and actively involve themselves in university life. 

To help students get started at university, we organize orientation days as well as a freshmen breakfast and a weekend trip, in order to better connect with one another. Furthermore, we provide information on courses and strive to communicate students’ concerns at the department level.

We are active in university politics and have a student representative in the departmental council as well as the students’ parliament. It is important for us to give a voice to students’ concerns both within our department as well as in the whole university. Therefore we are also linked with other departments and students’ associations.

The Students’ Association at the Institute of Social- and Cultural Anthropology is open to everyone who wants to join!


Feel free to contact us for information on upcoming meetings via E-Mail or Instagram.

E-Mail: fsi-ska@riseup.net

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