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New Publication: „Anthropologie der Emotionen. „Affektive Dynamiken in Kultur und Gesellschaft“ ; Thomas Stodulka, Anita von Poser, Gabriel Scheidecker, Jonas Bens (Hg.)

Anthropologie der Emotionen

Anthropologie der Emotionen

News from Jul 18, 2023

Emotions, feelings, affective dynamics: The anthropology of emotions has established itself as a research field in which work is interdisciplinary and anchored transnationally.

"In this volume, 27 authors from social and cultural anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, neuroscience and theater studies outline the genesis and current development of this interdisciplinary field of research in dialogue with the scientific work of Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and based on the subject areas of perspectives , socialization, mobility and politics."

This creates a new approach to the world of emotions.

Open access: https://doi.org/10.5771/9783496030874

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Berlin Southern Theory Lecture