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Farewell symphosium for Prof. Dr. Röttger-Rössler

Abschiedssymphosium Prof. Dr. Röttger-Rössler(1)

Abschiedssymphosium Prof. Dr. Röttger-Rössler(1)
Image Credit: © J.Kernbüchl

News from Jul 18, 2023

On June 30th, 2023 Prof. Dr. Birgitt Röttger-Rössler retired. Colleagues and employees of the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology and the SFB 1171 honored her with a celebratory symposium that pays tribute to her scientific work and decades of work at the Freie Universität. Prof. Günther Ziegler, President of Freie Universität, and Prof. Dr. Joachim Trebbe, Dean of the Department of Political and Social Sciences, emphasized in their speeches Birgitt Röttger-Rössler's high interdisciplinary ability to integrate, which was underlined by the contributions of the speakers from different disciplines. The highlight of the festive event was the presentation by the editors of the volume "Anthropologie der Emotionen" dedicated to her. A really touching farewell.

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