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Talk Series “The Role of Digital Media in Russia-Ukraine War”

News from May 16, 2022

The talk series “The role of digital media in Russia-Ukraine war” aims at analyzing the role of digital media in the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine. Guest experts from NGO´s, Political Communication and journalism give insights on and discuss about computational propaganda, digital activism, and journalism in wartime.

The five talks are part of the MA seminar “The role of the Internet in Russia-Ukraine war” by Dr. Anna Litvinenko. They will typically take place offline, at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies. Those that are marked “online” will be conducted via Webex.

For registration and details please contact Anna Litvinenko: anna.litvinenko (at) fu-berlin.de.

Time: 14.30 – 15.45

19.05. Online. Computational propaganda in Russia-Ukraine war. Dr. Aliaksandr Herasimenka, PhD, Oxford Internet Institute, author of the “War in Ukraine and Disinformation Newsletter”, to the newsletter  →here 

09.06. Digital activism in Russia. Ekaterina Golenkova, journalist and human rights activist at NGO Ovdinfo, online human rights media project aimed at combating political persecution in Russia.

16.06. Russia-Ukraine war in Czech (social)media: Reactions of Czech users and Russian computational propaganda. Dr. Jan Motal, Masaryk University

30.06. Online. Journalism in wartime. Anastasia Magazova, war correspondent for taz, to her Twitter Profile  →here 

07.07. Online. Independent Russian Journalism in exile. Kirill Artemenko, CEO Bumaga,  news portal from St. Petersburg

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