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New Publication: “Remixing war: An analysis of the reimagination of the Russian–Ukraine war on TikTok”

News from Feb 13, 2023

In their article, Florian Primig (Division Digitalisation and Participation), Hanna Szabò (Division International Communication) and Pilar Lacasa (Department of Philology, University of Alcalá) examine the representation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in videos on the platform TikTok. In their qualitative analysis of 62 videos and their creator profiles, the authors found a strong prevalence of remixing practices alongside videos that focus primarily on military equipment and (unit) aesthetics of the military. Users recontextualise images, sounds and embodied self-performance within the platform-specific affordances of trends. The context of war is thus embedded into the users' online selves and networked with other users via, for example, a trend sound. The emotional self-representation of the users bridges distant suffering and offers ready-made affective interpretation schemes.

The article "Remixing war: An analysis of the reimagination of the Russian-Ukraine war on TikTok" was published in the journal Frontiers in Political Science and is freely accessible here.

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