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New Publication: "The Role of Context in Incivility Research"

News from May 04, 2023

In her book chapter, Dr. Anna Litvinenko examines the contextuality of incivility and argues for its consideration in future research. She argues that failure to consider context when researching incivility leads to the proliferation of authoritarian norms in the regulation of online content and can negatively impact free speech in various sociopolitical contexts. The author proposes to consider four levels of context in incivility research: (1) sociocultural context (the macro level), (2) sociopolitical context (the macro level), (3) organizational context (the meso level), and (4) situational context (the micro level).

The chapter "The Role of Context in Incivility Research" is published in the book "Challenges and Perspectives of Hate Speech Research" in the Digital Communication Research book series and is freely available here.

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