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New Publication: "Thinking different as an act of resistance: Reconceptualizing the German protests in the COVID-19 pandemic as an emergent counter-knowledge order."

News from Mar 04, 2024

In his new publication Florian Primig took a step back and explored how the corona protests were constructed as a counter-knowledge order. Through a comprehensive digital critical discourse analysis, he finds that far-right and conspiracy imaginations are used to level out hierarchies and detach epistemic roles from their contexts to reinstate a superior self into interpretative power. The protestor counter-knowledge order’s inherent construction of unwarranted omnipotence points to a more fundamental resistance to the established normative orders of our society that should be addressed more effectively if we want to be prepared for future crises and not lose common ground for making sense of them. The article can be found in the journal Discourse & Society here https://doi.org/10.1177/09579265241231593.

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