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Florian Primig M. A.

Florian Primig

Division Digitalization and Participation

Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Research Assistant

Garystraße 55
Room 165/166
14194 Berlin

Office hours

Appointments for regular consultation hours can be made for Mondays between 4 and 5 pm. Please use Calendly to make an appointment. Appointments can be booked 14 days in advance.

During the semester break, office hours are only offered on certain days. Please also use Calendly to book an appointment.

Studied communication science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and at the University of Copenhagen ("Cognition and Communication"). Since October 2020 research associate at the department for Digitalization and Participation of the Institute for Media and Communication Studies. 

Winter term 2022/23:

28563 BA PuK Seminar: Einführung in die empirische Kommunikationsforschung

28517 BA PuK Seminar: Introduction to Critical Disinformation Studies

28632 BA PuK Seminar: Diverging Rationalities? Normative Principles in the Epistemic Crisis

Summer term 2022:

28623 BA PuK Seminar: Wissen, Gegenwissen, knowledge resistance - die Corona Protestbewegung in Deutschland

Winter term 2021/22:

28518 Seminar BA PuK: Introduction to Critical Disinformation Studies

28624 Seminar BA PuK: (Soziale) Medien und Protestbewegungen

Summer term 2021:

S28511: BA PuK Seminar: Wer glaubt denn sowas? Zur "Lügenpresse" und Fake News im Internet.

S28573: BA PuK Seminar: Wenn Fakten quer liegen - professionelles Factchecking in der Coronakrise.

Winter term 2020/21: 

S28635: BA PuK Seminar: Partizipation, Fake News und Demokratie – der Umgang mit Wissen im digitalen Zeitalter.


  • Disinformation
  • Knowledge and truth in the digital public sphere
  • Media trust and trust in epistemic authority


Primig, F., Szabó, H. D. & Lacasa, P. (2023). Remixing war: An analysis of the reimagination of the Russian–Ukraine war on TikTok. Frontiers in Political Science, 5. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpos.2023.1085149 

Primig, F. (2022). The Influence of Media Trust and Normative Role Expectations on the Credibility of Fact Checkers, Journalism Practicehttps://doi.org/10.1080/17512786.2022.2080102

Conference presentations:

Primig, F. (2022, 19.-22. Oktober).“Not without us!” An exploration of knowledge resistance and grip to interpretativepower of epistemic authority within the corona protest movement. [Conference paper]. 9th European Communication Conference (ECREA), Aarhus, Denmark.

Primig, F. (2022, 01.-02.). September. Reibungslose Bewegung? Die Rationalität der Corona Protestbewegung in Deutschland [Conference presentation]. MOTRA-K #2022, Wiesbaden, Germany.

Primig, F. (2021, 27.-31. May). Checkmate for Fact Checking: The Influence of Media Trust, and Normative Role Expectations on the Credibility of Fact Checkers and Fact Checking [Conference paper]. 71st Annual ICA Conference (International Communication Association), Denver Colorado.