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PhD Candidates

Completed PhD (Supervision)

Dr. Amal Dib

Dissertation: "The Un(Civil) War. Media Framing and Memory Construction in Wartime and Postwar Lebanon"

Amal Dib M.A.

Dr. Mina Naeli

Dissertation: "Exploring the impacts of internet-mediated communication on Iranian women‘s rights activism"


Dr. Leyla Ghavam

Dissertation: "The Good, the Bad, and the Mad: Representations of Iran(ians) in Mainstream European News Sites"


Dr. des. Martin Schiller

Dissertation: "Prerogatives of interpretation in foreign policy. An Analysis of Foreign news reporting in France and Germany on the 2011 Upheavals in North Africa"

Martin Schiller

Dr. des. Omneya Nour Eddin

Dissertation: "Rethinking the Dimensions of Comparing Media Systems in Authoritarian Regimes: An Analysis of Post Arab Spring Media Systems in Egypt and Tunisia"

Omneya Nour Eddin

Completed PhD (Co-Supervision)

Dr. Ingy Al-Sayed

Dissertation: "Framing of Lebanon War 2006 in the Egyptian Press"

Dr. Anna Antonakis

Dissertation: "In Transformation? - renegotiating Gender and State Feminism in Tunisia between 2011 and 2014: Power, Positionalities and the Public Sphere"


Dr. Marlen Bartsch

Dissertation: "Der Bertelsmann-Konzern und die französische Medienpolitik. Analysen der Strategien, Medienberichterstattung und parlamentarischen Debatten"


Dr. Simon Berghofer

Dissertation: "Globale Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik im Wandel. Konzeptualisierung und Analyse eines dynamischen Politikbereichs aus kommunikationswissenschaftlicher Perspektive“


Dr. Jannis Julien Grimm

Dissertation: "Contesting Legitimacy: Protest and the Politics of Signification in Post-Revolutionary Egypt"

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Dr. Maïté Kersaint

Dissertation: "Exploring Public Diplomacy 2.0. A Comparison of German and U.S. Digital Public Diplomacy in Theory and Practice”

Dr. Sebastian Sons

Dissertation: “Daily Presence, Public Absence: The Practices, Strategies, and Content of Pakistani Media Actors concerned with Labor Migration to Saudi Arabia”


Dr. Andrei Zavadski

Dissertation: “Mnemonic Counterpublics: Challenging the Political Regime in Russia with Memories of the 1990s"