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Global Media Journal


The Global Media Journal is an open-access academic refereed publication in various national or regional editions around the globe. GMJ-German Edition is affiliated with the Freie University Berlin/Germany and the University of Erfurt/Germany and hosted by Carola Richter and Christine Horz.

GMJ-DE is published semi-annually (spring and fall) and bilingually (English and German). It is dedicated to research in the fields of communication and media studies, with the  ambition to present communication and media theories, report empirical and analytical research, present critical discourses, apply theories to case studies, and set out innovative research methodologies. It aims to advance research and understanding of international and cross-cultural communication and media in the German-spoken countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and around the globe such as research on Media Systems, Journalism, Migration & Diaspora, Development Communication and other fields of communication and media studies.

The GMJ-DE is funded in 2020-2022 by the DFG program "Infrastructure for Electronic Publications and Digital Science Communication".

Manuscripts are welcome! Please consider our Styleguide.

The GMJ-DE contains four sections:

– academic articles (peer-reviewed)
– reports of media praxis and scientific field work
– graduate papers
– book reviews

The current issue Vol. 12, No. 2 "Autumn/Winter 2022: Special Issue: Modes of Perception and Issues of Trust in the Media" contains following articles:


Anja Wollenberg, Katharina Nötzold
Modes of Perception and Issues of Trust in the Media

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Benjamin Toff
Selective Trust in News in the Comparative Context

Anke Fiedler, Anja Wollenberg
Filling the Void: Information Seeking and Processing in the Context of Violent Conflicts

Ines Drefs
Onsite actors’ agency within international media development


Nicole Stremlau
Online speech and offline violence: Reflections on the current violence in Ethiopia

Anna Litvinenko
Propaganda on demand: Russia’s media environment during the war in Ukraine 

Marína Urbániková
Journalists as liars, servants, and sell-outs? On the declining trust in the media in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Gábor Polyák, Kata Horváth
“We have switched.” – Uncertainty and loss of trust in the Hungarian media


Annika Sehl
Responsible Journalism in Conflicted Societies. Trust and Public Service Across New and Old Divides
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Vera Katzenberger
Foreign Aid and Journalism in the Global South: A Mouthpiece for Truth
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