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Projects and Publications

Local Media in Russia 2020

The Institute for Media and Communication Studies of Freie University Berlin and the Project People, the media and democracy of ansTageslicht.de invites 15 Russian journalists from local media initiatives to participate in a 5-day workshop. The workshop is aimed at improving professional qualification of journalists of independent local media. The program includes communication with experts from Russia and Germany, excursions to German local media initiatives, public discussions as well as a practical training. The seminar is designed to inspire participants to further improve their media work, as well as to facilitate the exchange of experience and the development of a network of Russian local media.

Higher Education Dialogue

After two DAAD-funded workshops in 2013 with Arab communication scholars in Berlin, a network of the most relevant communication studies institutes in the Arab world has been built and strengthened. The Association of Arab-European Communication Researchers (AREACORE) is one of the results. Several projects such as conferences, summer schools and workshops have taken place since 2014 – kindly supported again by the DAAD.

Media and Refugees: Excursion 2018

18.03.-23.03.2018, Libanon

Ten Master students from the Institute for Media and Communication studies took part in an excursion to Lebanon from March 18 to 23. Guided by Prof. Dr. Carola Richter from Freie Universität Berlin and Prof. Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury from the Lebanese American University, the students learnt about the refugee politics of Lebanon, got to know local and international NGOs for Syrian and Palestine refugees and discussed the media coverage about refugees. In June 2018, the Lebanese students will visit Berlin.

SummerSchool 2017 "Understanding Arab Media: More than Facebook and Al-Jazeera"

03.07.-08.07.2017, Berlin

From July 3rd until July 8th the SummerSchool “Understanding Arab Media – More than Facebook and Al-Jazeera” took place at Freie Universität Berlin. Invited were 20 participants from 9 Arab countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia and Yemen. Together with students of the FU, the participants worked together in intercultural teams in order to create digital learning material about Arab Media. The short educational videos will be uploaded onto our learning platform “International Media Systems”.

Journalism in Egypt 2016 - Conference "Dynamics of Change: Media and the Public Sphere in Egypt"

08.12.-10.12.2016, Berlin

Hosted by AGYA members Hanan Badr and Carola Richter from Freie Universität, the conference brings together actors from academia, media, civil society, and politics to discuss issues relevant to the media in times of transformation and conflict. The complex dynamics of the Arab region since 2011 have been reshaping the political, social and cultural landscapes. In Egypt in particular, the media and its actors have been undergoing transformations while at the same time contributing to the ongoing transformation of society. Combining the practical with the academic views on media and political actors, the conference focuses on Egypt but also employs regional and historical perspectives in order to facilitate an in-depth exchange of opinions and experiences with media as an important space for participation, negotiation, and potentially also reconciliation of civil society.

Journalism in Egypt 2015 - Conference "Egyptian Media and Journalism between Change and Continuity"

12.11.-14.11.2015, Berlin

In the framework of a research project, distinguished media scholars and experts had been invited to the project’s first international conference entitled “Egyptian Media & Journalism between Change and Continuity.” In the two-day conference an intensive exchange among scholars from Egypt and Germany as well as other Arab and Western countries helped us to gain a comprehensive picture of current developments in a comparative perspective. Besides academics, experts from think tanks and NGOs, as well as journalists were among the presenters and discussed issues like self-regulation of journalists, professionalism, challenges of freedom of speech as well as the evolution of the media landscape and the political economy of Egypt’s media.

Conference "Media and the Politics of Transformation in the Arab World and Asia"

10./11.12.2015, Berlin

In times of increasing mediatization and digitalization, indisputably media play an important role when it comes to political and societal transformation processes. But how exactly can we analyze the relationship between transformation and media (and also media in transformation) to contribute to both the fields of political science and communication studies? Which theoretical concepts, methodological approaches and empirical fields can be chosen and how can they “cross-fertilize” each other? In order to talk about these issues, this conference was organized as a joint event of the division “International Communication” (Prof. Dr. Carola Richter) and the “Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies” (Prof. Dr. Cilja Harders) and funded by the Faculty for Political and Social Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin.

Global Media Journal

Prof. Dr. Carola Richter is editing with Dr. des. Christine Horz (University of Erfurt) the German edition of the Global Media Journal. This academic, peer-reviewed journal is published twice a year as an open access publication. Articles can be published in English and German. The GMJ-DE is dedicated to themes that reflect research in international and transcultural communication and media studies.

The Arab German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA)

AGYA has been set up in 2013 as a project of the German „Young Academy“ in order to foster academic exchange between Arab and German scholars in their post-doc period. Prof. Dr. Carola Richter has been elected one of the first 20 members.

DFG-Research Network "Medialisation and social change outside Europe: South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Arab-speaking region"

Since 2011, a network of 14 research scholars deals with conceptualizing the relation of medialisation and social change in non-European regions from interdisciplinary perspectives. An international conference in 2013 as well as an edited book in 2014 are the main results of three years of intensive work.

Book series "Media and political communication – Middle East and Islam“

In co-operation with Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez (University of Erfurt), Carola Richter edits this book series. The published books contain empirical studies in the intersections of communication studies, political sciences and area studies focusing Middle East and Islam. At Frank & Timme, more than 20 books have been published so far – some of them also in English.

Book series "Studies in International, Transnational and Global Communications"

Carola Richter edits the book series "Studies in International, Transnational and Global Communications" in co-operation with Michael Brüggemann, Susanne Fengler and Sven Engesser. The series is open for a variety of topics related to international and transnational communication.