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2.1 Female Migrants in the media. Research project on literature, current state of national and international research

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Ministerium für Generationen, Emanzipation, Pflege und Alter des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (MGEPA NRW)

Oct 01, 2008 — Dec 31, 2008

During the first part of the project the state of both German and international research has been systematically reviewed. It showed that communication studies had had a vital interest in the relations between media and migration for some time. Various aspects were taken into consideration, among these are: participation in media production, representation in media text and media adoption of people with an immigration background. As far as media representations of female immigrants are concerned there are few individual surveys. As far as systematic and broad research on the relation between race and gender in mass media is concerned, there is none. Numerous studies have a narrow focus on (photo) images of Muslim women and thereby ignore the wide variety and diversity of migration realities and cultures. Therefore it requires more thorough research to cover the entire field of migration.