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Journalism after Corona

Winter semester 2021/22 Summer semester 2022

Prof. Dr. Margreth Lünenborg

As part of the Master's research seminar "Journalism after Corona", students developed independent project papers dealing with the impact of the Corona pandemic on the work of journalists. The increased demand for reliable information contrasted with the proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy ideologies is of interest. Likewise, the physical attacks on journalists and insults in social media. The authority of journalism as a social institution is under pressure. At the same time, work processes have changed permanently. In the lockdown, journalistic work was also shifted to the home office. What consequences does this have for editorial work, internal communication processes and journalistic decisions? Can the enforced change in the pandemic be understood as a key driver for innovation, increasing mobility in journalism? Does it make new work and business models possible?

Concise abstracts present key findings from the projects. If interested, further information can be requested from the authors.

Research Team Claudia Paneque Marrero, Emily Kreische, Julia Maier and Natalie Dieckmann:
Violence and assaults against journalists during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Contact: Julia Maier (maiej98@zedat.fu-berlin.de).

Research Team Karin Schütte, Lene Schargitz, Julia Salcher and Hannes Maerker:
The understanding of the role of journalists. To what extent has the professional role perception of journalists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland changed since the pandemic?
Contact: Julia Salcher (julias97@zedat.fu-berlin.de).

Research Team Arianna Elsässer, Lilith Dörsch, Jana Schütte, Daniel Braun and Tamara Berger:
Foreign Correspondence in Times of Corona: How has the work of freelance foreign correspondents changed during the pandemic and what is the importance of being on site?

Contact: Lilith Dörsch (lillith.doersch@fu-berlin.de).

Research Team Laura Kübler, Maria Lederer, Solveig Schroth and Georg Till:
Professional Practice, Challenges and Trends in Contemporary Journalism. An explorative, qualitative study of group discussions with young professionals in journalism during the corona pandemic.
Contact: Solveig Schroth (schros96@zedat.fu-berlin.de).

Research Team Kilian Deyerl, Katharina Fräbel, Dominik Hokamp, Anna Majid, Anea Meinert and Antonia Scheffler:
Local journalism in times of crisis. A spatial sociological perspective on German local print journalism during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Contact: Dominik Hokamp (hokad97@zedat.fu-berlin.de).

Research Team Mariia Dumanska, Polina Eremenko, Caroline Kellerbach, Natalie Maxine Thimm and Markus Zieger: Everyday Work, Changes and Perspectives in Data Journalism through the Corona Pandemic.
Contact: Caroline Kellerbach (carolik98@zedat.fu-berlin.de).