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Current Courses

  • S 28514 Gender und Politik im digitalen Raum (Katharina Heger)
  • V 28530 Methoden I: Wissenschaftstheoretische Grundlagen und Datenerhebung (Martin Emmer)
  • PS 28593 Daten-Journalismus: Sport (Lukas Hoffmann + Tong-Jin Smith)
  • PS 28594 Daten-Journalismus: Migration (Lukas Hoffmann + Tong-Jin Smith)
  • V 28710 Mediennutzung und Medienwirkung (Martin Emmer)
  • HS 28711 Mediennutzung und -wirkung sozialer Medien (Merja Mahrt)
  • C 28642 BA-Colloquium Mediennutzung + Medienanalyse/ Forschungsmethoden (Martin Emmer, Joachim Trebbe)
  • C 28892 MA-Colloquium Mediennutzung (Martin Emmer)
Important Information on Courses during Summer Term 2024:

Please refer to the corresponding course sections on Blackboard as a central point of contact. In case you have not been automatically registered in the Blackboard course through your registration via Campus Management System, please contact our student assistant Luiza Greve Milke (SHK-Mediennutzung@polsoz.fu-berlin.de); then we can add you to the Blackboard course. After registration in the Blackboard course and in the corresponding course sections, you will find more information on specific procedures and forms of teaching that will be used during this term.

As usual, we will offer regular consultation hours. These will take place at the times mentioned via telephone or video conferences. Please arrange an appointment with Ms. Kuczera (via e-mail: debora.kuczera@fu-berlin.de).

Above you can find the courses currently offered by the Division Media Use Research during Summer Term 2024.