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CeMIL structures the various initiatives on three levels

CeMIL structures the various initiatives on three levels

The Center for Media and Information Literacy (CeMIL) at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies is an umbrella institution for initiatives in the field of media literacy and education in journalism. Media literacy is central to understanding processes in societies shaped by digital media and a prerequisite for ethical media practice. CeMIL structures the various initiatives on three levels: 1) the level of imparting knowledge about media functions and journalism; 2) the level of discussing and imparting analytical skills for the examination of media content; 3) the level of (journalistic) media production and its improvement.

CeMIL targets several societal groups: As "digital natives", children and young people are a target group of CeMIL initiatives. Already as small children, they learn how to download games on a tablet or what the latest WhatsApp function is. However, there often is a lack of contextualisation of this media use and its consequences.

Another target group are teachers and other multipliers working in the field of education. They are key to imparting knowledge about the media system, they can encourage critical assessment of media content and they can empower the people they work with to become actively involved in political processes and opinion formation.

Lastly, journalists form another target group. At a time when journalism has lost its credibility in some parts of the population, journalists need to be able to reflect on their own actions and position.


Director: Prof. Dr. Carola Richter

Contact: Garystr. 55, 14195 Berlin

Phone: +49-30-838 58898 / carola.richter@fu-berlin.de