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Institute for Media and Communication Studies

About the Institute

Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Institute for Media and Communication Studies
Image Credit: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Joachim Trebbe

Deputy Executive Directors

Prof. Dr. Barbara Pfetsch

Prof. Dr. Carola Richter

Communication science at Freie Universität Berlin is dedicated to the various aspects of human and public communication. The institute’s research expertise is reflected by the various courses offered in the bachelor’s and master’s programs. Berlin as the German capital and home of many media organizations attracts a growing number of students yearly with its rich creative and international potential. Within the institute, ten divisions apply different perspectives to the research of conditions, structures, processes, contents, and effects of mediated communication. Affiliated with the institute is the International Center for Journalism where journalists from all over the world can improve their professional skills.

E-mail: institut@kommwiss.fu-berlin.de