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Media literacy at school

In the module Perspectives on Public Communication, bachelor students are given the opportunity to cooperate with primary and high school classes in Berlin. These projects are part of university seminars on media & information literacy (MIL). The B.A. students develop and implement workshops for different class levels from grade 1 to 13 in consultation with the teachers. The topics range from fake news and fact-checks in everyday life to content marketing and the effects of advertising.

The aim of these projects is the promotion of media literacy on several levels. On the one hand, students learn how to analyse media (content) in the MIL seminars based on the five core questions of MIL. On the other hand, they consolidate these competences by training children and young pupils in these areas. This also leads to a transfer of knowledge from university to school - and vice versa - and offers primary and high school students external impulses for their everyday and personal life. At the same time, the teachers' education in media literacy is indirectly strengthened as well.

In addition, these cooperations also include lectures by a teacher who specialises in MIL. These lectures are aimed at students of the lower and upper secondary level in the context of language or political education and provide insights into media (content) analyses.