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Journalism at school

In cooperation with the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg and numerous media partners, CeMIL organizes workshops with journalists in schools in Berlin and Brandenburg. A visit to your school can be booked free of charge - information can be found here [in German]: https://www.mabb.de/journalismusmachtschule.html

In order to prepare or to follow up on the discussions, the Center for Media and Information Literacy of Freie Universität Berlin has compiled concise background information for teachers as well as learning materials and ideas for classes [in German]. If you have a journalist from the ZDF, for example, it is certainly helpful to get some basic information about public broadcasting in Germany. If you would like to talk about news production, you could work together with your students to learn about journalistic work practices.

The materials are suitable for students from the lower secondary level (7th grade). Further teaching materials can also be found on the Bildungsserver Berlin-Brandenburg [also in German].

In order to download the teaching materials, please visit the German CeMIL website.