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Fellows 2000/01

Participants in the 2nd year of the European Journalism-Fellowships 2000/2001

Hana Bakicova (Czech Republic)

Chief editor with "Radio Praha"

Project: "Public media - competition or an option to private media? Comparative analysis of newcast"

Dragan Bisenic

Dragan Bisenic (Yugoslavia)

Editor with regards to foreign affairs

Project: "Intellectuals, National Socialism and the collaps of Yugoslavia"

 Andrea Bosman

Andrea Bosman (The Netherlands)

Editor with the daily newspaper "Trouw"

Project: "The future of the 'Berlin Republic': Memory and neglect in Germany"

 Piotr Bugajski

Piotr Bugajski (Poland)

Assistant editor with the Polish press agency "PAP"

Project: "The German emerge of National Socialism and Communism. The reeducation in media"

 Ljudmila Dimova

Ljudmila Dimova (Bulgaria)

Chief of the politics department with regional newspaper „Narodna delo" in Varna

Project: "The future in the Balkan states and the German foreign policy"

Dunja Dragojevic-Kersten

Dunja Dragojevic-Kersten (Germany/Croatia)

Journalist with the station "Deutsche Welle Köln"

Project: "The German theater in time of changes"

Paul Hockenos

Paul Hockenos (USA)

Independent Journalist

Project: "For God and Fatherland: The Role of Ethnic emigrant groups in a decade of Balkan conflict"

Corinne Holtz

Corinne Holtz (Switzerland)

Editor with the Swiss radio "DRS2"

Project: "Investigation of the life and work of the German director Ruth Berghaus"

Andrei Hvostov

Andrei Hvostov (Estonia)

Independent Journalist

Project: "Development of a bilingual daily newspaper in Estonia as a contibution to the promotion of a bilingual society in Estonia"


Violeta Mickeviciute

Violeta Mickeviciute (Lithuania)

Editor with the daily newspaper „Respublika"

Project: "(Un)restricted freedom of press in democracy - comparison between Germany and Lithuania"

Olivier Morel

Olivier Morel (France)

Chief editor of a radio broadcast with "Fréquences libres"

Project: "German contemporary writers and their relation to the real, symbolic and imaginary history of the nascent Germany"

Paola Motta

Paola Motta (Italy)

Political editor with the daily newspaper „Alto Adige"

Project: "Berlin: A capital city for the future"


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Dr. Richard Precht (Germany)

Independent Journalist

Project: "The 'Berlin Republic' as a democracy of television"